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Content Management

If your business needs to publish and maintain the content and structure of your websites, intranets and extranets then our hexCMS bespoke content management solution is for you.

hexCMS puts the power of website management into your hands ensuring your site is up to date at all times.

Our hexCMS product is developed in house and based on standard Microsoft .Net technologies providing robust capabilities for creating, managing and publishing standards compliant websites.

  • Intuitive content creation and editing environment
  • Tools for optimising your pages for search engines
  • Full management of your assets and resources
  • The ability to have content 'go live' and 'expire'
  • Non-technical interface
  • User level editing privileges

Because hexCMS has been developed by I.Net we can customise it to meet your precise requirements.

hexCMS is the ideal authoring environment for you and your team to contribute content to your web site in real time.