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Leased Lines & EFM

We offer circuits from 1Mb/s leased lines and EFM up to 1Gb Ethernet circuits suitable for direct Internet access, MPLS VPNs and point to point connections.

We provide circuits from all of the major UK network operators giving us one of the largest footprints for coverage within the UK for high speed Internet and site to site connectivity. National and local Ethernet is very competitive across the UK.

EFM mixes new technology with ‘old world’ copper in the first mile. EFM is important because it is the next step in the transition to fast, reliable and affordable IP connectivity. Ethernet offers true un-contended, symmetric and guaranteed bandwidth which allows QoS (Quality of Service).

Speeds from 1Mb/s to 20Mb/s can be achieved over multiple copper pairs using EFM technology.


Features & Benefits 

  • Up to 1GB fully managed IP connectivity
  • Wires only 2Mb/s to 1Gb, point to point and point to multi-point circuit options
  • Free static IP addresses
  • Full UK coverage
  • MPLS core network
  • Fully monitored and managed services
  • Up to 99.99% SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • OfficeStream ADSL Backup service available
  • Competitive connectivity solutions from major carriers

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