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Swyx will fit seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure, with rapid and flexible deployment.

For a no obligation consultation or demonstration to see how SwyxWare can improve your business communications please contact us.

I.Net is proud to be a registered Swyx Solution Partner.

Since 2001 we have installed and maintained the SwyxWare unified communications telephone system in a wide variety of different business scenarios.

Using your existing IP (internet protocol) network and Microsoft® Server, SwyxWare offers you all the functionality of a traditional telephony system with so much more, including integrating voice with email and fax; while also allowing you to take full advantage of all the benefits of business-class VoIP.

With SwyxWare, you will be able to work remotely from almost anywhere, accessing all your communications through your inbox.

For businesses that have several sites and want to expand the head office telephony system functions to branch offices, SwyxWare is the flexible solution with central management, rich presence and global phone books.

Because a Swyx solution is software-based it will move and grow with your business no matter how many people you may have.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible user functionality
  • Customisable SwyxIt! desktop software
  • Wide range of USB handsets, headsets, desktop telephones, DECT and mobile phone integration.
  • Voicemail and fax for every user
  • Rule-based call management with the Swyx Call Routing Manager
  • Intelligent call management (Automatic Call Distribution, ACD)
  • Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR)
  • Contact centre functions
  • Integration into Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes
  • Personal and company-wide address books and contacts
  • Call forwarding according calendar entries
  • Conference function
  • Instant messaging
  • Rich Presence
  • Phone calls at the click of a mouse for contacts in Microsoft® Outlook and IBM® Lotus Notes
  • Video communication
  • Permanent or adhoc call recording with silent call intrusion ideal for use in call centre environments.
  • Integration of mobile phones (Fixed Mobile Convergence, FMC), including iPhone and Blackberry handsets.
  • Flexible connection to the public telephone network with either SIP or ISDN

SwyxWare Support

Having provided Swyx solutions since 2001 I.Net are experts in Swyx and can offer Swyx support for your Swyxware installation.

Much like our Managed IT Support contracts this can be on a monthly or on a pay as you go basis.  We can also provide scheduled maintenance and disater recovery with emergency on site response.

In a small organisation, Swyx has allowed us to manage our incoming calls more efficiently and professionally.

The synchronisation with our Outlook accounts works incredibly well for direct dialing from the computer.

Greater control of our telephone system has enabled us to direct enquiries to the most appropriate person, ensuring any missed calls are returned as soon as possible.

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